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Healing School

September 15th 
9:00 am - 1:00 pm
Main Auditorium

If you have experienced cancer in your life or know someone who is dealing with cancer right now, join us for this month's Healing School! You'll learn about the human body and how to pray for cancer from a Dr.'s perspective. If you have been diagnosed with cancer, the fight is not over - join us for prayer.

Limited Childcare: Not Available    |   Cost: FREE


Dr. Susan Richards

Dr. Susan is a prominent and highly credentialed medical doctor as well as an ordained Christian minister.
Learn more about Dr. Susan



What should I wear to the conference?

You can dress casual for this event.

How long is class?

Class is from 9 am - 1 pm

Is there a cost for the class?

The class is 100% free, but we do take up an offering or donation.

What can I expect?

You will learn about the specific topic from a medical understanding and how God created the body to work. You will learn the causes of the abnormality and how to pray specifically for healing. There will be a time of prayer and a time for Q&A.

What if I need prayer for healing?

We will have time to pray for those that need healing.

Is there a test?

Nope. Just time to practice.

Do I have to remember everything in order for God to move?

Nope. Just pray what you know and God will do the rest. God will lead and guide you. The more you practice the better you get.

Will the class be recorded?

Yes, you can hear it on our Liberty Church podcast.

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