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China Outreach

Due to safety reasons we have no China trips planned for the immediate future. Please keep the Chinese missionaries in your prayers - the environment is currently very hostile. 

Come alongside our partner, Within Reach Global, to spread the gospel in the colleges of a metropolitan area of China. There are thousands of college students who have never heard the Good News. Many of these students are originally from villages and families who have not heard about the news of Jesus either. Once they hear about the wonderful love and salvation that Jesus offers us all, they can tell their families and villages as well. The local mission team has set up “centers” where these students go to learn and practice their English speaking skills. You will learn how to play their games and ask them questions. When you are given the opportunity to talk about religion you will have a chance to talk to them about what you believe. Then you can tell your story of what Jesus has done for you. You will also visit one of the underground churches and witness the hunger for God that resides in the heart of the Chinese people.

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