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 Are you new to Liberty? Do you want to get more involved?

Do you want to serve in any way on the Impact Team?

Growth Path is held in Meeting Room #2 at 9:30 am on Sundays


Learn more about how Liberty began, what we believe, our general church structure and how you can become a partner with liberty. This step takes place on the first Sunday of the month.


This step helps you discover habits that helps every believer become a maturing follower of Jesus Christ. The step takes place on the second Sunday of the month.


Serving is a natural response to the gospel. In step three, we will discuss why we serve and how we become equipped to serve. Step three takes place on the third Sunday of the month.


We have all been given spiritual gifts that are to be used for the growth of the church. In step four we discover our gifts and find a place to serve on Liberty's Impact team. Step four takes place on the fourth Sunday of the month.

Attend on Saturday?

We currently offer Growth Path on Saturdays in March, May, August, and November at 4:30 pm**

you must register to attend on Saturdays

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Service Times

Saturday Night

6:00 PM 

Sunday Morning

8:00 AM   9:30 AM   11:30 AM

Spanish Service 2:00 PM

Welcome to Liberty Church

Saturday Night 6:00 PM
Sunday Morning 8:00 AM - 9:30 AM - 11:30 AM
Spanish Service 2:00 PM